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Away From Home

Away From Home

West Trading is the choice of many wholesalers, distributors, commercial and industrial paper product buyers who require the best for their customers and facilities including: Centrefeed Rolls, Paper Hand Towels, Maxi Kitchen Towels, Maxi Toilet Paper and Medical Sheets.

When it comes to Away-From-Home paper products, it is vital to have a wide variety of high-quality options in different configurations. That’s exactly what we provide for our partners. From private label premium options to virgin fiber and 100% recycled paper choices, we have the solution for every industrial consumer need.

To satisfy our customers, we offer them the possibility to manufacture their products in various sizes, grammage, number of plies, colours and in a wide range of packaging options. All orders are individually priced by our consultants who are ready to professionally consult your project and provide you with all possible solutions.

Please inquire for product specifications.