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We specialize in manufacturing Private Label products under your brand, tailor-made to your unique specifications. We can customize and create a new product for your company and deliver your goods when and where you need them with 100% reliability.

We have the expertise and capabilities to offer all paper grades – Pure Cellulose, Recycled, or Mixed Pulp – for any quality tier, in any package configuration available in the current marketplace, from standard pack sizes to special consumer units, in a range of paper grades and basis weights, from economy to premium.

We will work with you to develop a strategy to round out your paper program, satisfy your consumers, and boost your sales.

Your customers expect private brands products to perform as well as the name brands—so we make sure they do.

West Trading offers an innovative and custom-made service for its Customers offering a wide range of products for the daily use in the consumer segment. We are capable of responding to market changes and offer our customers flexibility. With a focus on Paper Converting, our Household Paper Products are guaranteed to be top of the line and meet the needs of our customers.

Bathroom Tissue

Please contact us directly for consultation and additional information.

We offer a complete selection of Household Paper Products: discover our full line here.

Tissue Products Supermarket Aisle
Toilet Paper
  • PACK       4 to 48 Rolls
  • LAYERS   2/3/4/5-Ply
  • PAPER     Pure Pulp, Recycled, Mixed
Private Label Kitchen Roll
  • PACK       2 to 12 Rolls
  • LAYERS   2/3/4-Ply
  • PAPER     Pure Pulp
Pocket Tissues
  • PACK       6 to 48 Single Units
  • LAYERS   3/4-Ply
  • PAPER     Pure Pulp
Facial Tissue
  • PACK       50 to 200 Tissues
  • LAYERS   2/3/4-Ply
  • PAPER     Pure Pulp
Paper Napkins
  • PACK       20 to 400 Napkins
  • LAYERS   1/2/3-Ply
  • PAPER     Pure Pulp
Away From Home products
  • Please inquire for product specifications.